Specialised Outsourcing
Provider in the Philippines

Parallel Outsourcing provides specialised offshore services to companies, from hiring local talent to staff and operations management. We are here to help any business grow amidst the fast-changing outsourcing landscape.

Get help to grow your business.

We take care of the operations so you can focus on getting the best from your team.

Talent Acquisition

End-to-end recruitment.

Managed HR & Payroll

Full HR cycle from onboarding to offboarding. Payroll administrative support.

Serviced Offices

Private offices, common and dedicated work areas.

The nature of how we run businesses, efficiently and profitably, has changed.
Have you?

With the emergence of the global economy and a sharp increase in the freelance and contingent workforce, the nature of how we run businesses, efficiently and profitably, has changed. We can help you do more with less budget – we are transparent with all our fees, so you know where your money goes. From helping to lower your operating costs, to achieving scale or increasing quality and efficiency, the team at Parallel are here to help transform your business.

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Questions about the Philippines?

See why the Philippines is the best offshoring destination.

> English is the Official Language
> High standard of education
> Cultural fit
> Local Business Hours
> Huge talent pool
> Modern tech infrastructure

What makes Parallel different?

It is easy to offer outsourcing services... it takes something special to effectively deliver.


We are partnership focused with both our clients, to ensure we are in regular communication and listening to what you want, and with our network of suppliers to deliver you the biggest range and best quality services.

Flexible Arrangements

No two clients are the same. They have different operational requirements and want to relate to their team in their own way. Our processes make it easy to cater for a range of different requirements.


One of our values is transparency. We will always communicate back to you what we are doing and provide a detailed break-down of everything you are paying for.

Focus on Culture

Not only do you want to secure the best talent, but you want to keep them. We will work with you to ensure your existing culture is maintained and effectively merged with your Philippines team.

What people say about Parallel

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